Shall we kill the killers?

It’s a sadly familiar scenario, a sign of our times, perhaps. Members of a community gather in sympathy of a victim of some senseless act of violence, expressing solidarity with the family of the victim, despair at the lawlessness of the society that spawned the atrocity, and anger at the authorities seemingly powerless in their duty to protect the citizens.  “We are gatvol!” (fed up), they chant, “Enough is enough!”, and inevitably, “Bring back the death penalty!” These sentiments are just some of the many manifestations of discontent that, over twenty years after the end of apaardheid, so many South Africans feel. […]

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Our Home, Her Home

After a week of tap, tap, tapping away, our Cardinal Woodpecker’s home is starting to take shape.  Here she is, cleaning out the wood chips from the hole she made in a monkey-thorn tree in our garden.

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What makes home, home?

Over the weekend Jean confirmed that David, one of her three siblings all of whom have emigrated, and his family, will spend Christmas with us in Kyalami this year. This news pleased me immensely, and as I sit on the stoep listening to the birds ‘ chorus this morning, I realize that much as I am in awe of the physical beauty of the two hectares of this planet we call home, there is something more that makes the place special. It is the community of people whose lives are woven into the fabric of this place that make it […]

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Cardinal Woodpecker

This lady lives in the garden, tap, tap, tapping away in the acacias.  

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A thought, an idea, an action…

Today a thought passed through my consciousness, that one thing that I believe I truly do very well is write. So, the question followed, what can I do to capitalise on this talent? One idea is to write a blog. I would have to spend quite some time researching any subject that I would write about, because as strong as the opinions I hold are, so lack I the education that should be their foundation! Of course, one does not simply write a blog. One writes about something, standing upon some or other figurative, presumably digital, soap-box, and has some […]

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