This little corner of our beautiful land that we call home is truly serving its purpose.  Five years ago we went looking for a place we could move to that could be called home not just to us, but also to my (now late) mother and my stepfather.  The place we found turns out is also capable of serving as a home to our retired horses, to two lovely dogs who we would never have brought into our lives had we not moved here, and to far too many cats.  As our time here has progressed, I have taken delight in coming across more inhabitants that (were they able to talk) would call this place “home”.  The latest delightful discovery came of my noticing a little sunbird acting strangely in the vicinity of a large cycad near the pool.  Now it was there, perched on the tip of one of the middle fronds, now it was gone, nowhere to be seen.  Close inspection yielded a wonderful, whimsical web of spider silk and fluff suspended from a frond in the centre of the cycad..  How pleasing to find yet another home on this lovely little plot of earth?