Here’s a thought, in the context of the theme of “What can Kyalami Park Club do for <name your equestrian activity>?” (call it dressage if you wish). Trudy Marsland makes a point that should perhaps be expanded – that KPC is not a commercial enterprise. Siobhan J Records then asks “What can KPC do for me?” (Yes, I paraphrase, not her exact words, but the meaning was clear, and please forgive me for singling her out; she is not by any means the only one to ask the question).

In all of this, lets acknowledge that the Kyalami Equestrian Park facility, whomever the technical owner may be, is an asset that essentially belongs to the equestrian community. So when someone asks “What can KPC do for me?” they need to take out the “KPC” and, as a member of the equestrian community and therefore a stakeholder and beneficiary of Kyalami Equestrian Park, replace it with the word “I”. They are in effect asking “What can I do for me?”

KPC is NOT some external thing that members of the equestrian community can demand things of. KPC are the custodians of a very special part of South Africa’s equestrian heritage, and as members of the equestrian community we have an obligation to make sure that KPC works to preserve and develop the facility, NOT the other way around. Our obligation is not discharged by asking “What KPC can do for me?”, but by asking “What can I do for KPC”? (With my apologies to a past president of that federation of 52 North American states for mangling his famous words) (Image from Kyalami Park Club Facebook cover page: Kyalami Park Club)