Do two wrongs make a right?

So sad, so sad for the society of humanity. That some of us see it fit to take the lives of perfect strangers; for what? Vengeance? Religious zeal? Political fervour? By what imperative does the callous slaying of sports fans, concert goers, passers by, and diners right the wrongs, real or imagined, vested upon the attackers’ community? What perverted morality deems it a proper to visit such suffering and death so capriciously? Does it atone for the misery that the victims’ ancestors, leaders, and allies might have inflicted in the past? Do two wrongs make a right? I think not, and I am saddened by this depraved outpouring of hatred and cynicism.┬áRegardless of whether the victims were in the air above Sinai, in the suburbs of Beirut, or in the streets of Paris.

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